Student Profiles

Make the World your Home! Host a YFU Exchange Student!

Read the profiles of incoming exchange students for 2017. Each student is waiting to hear from their New Zealand host family! Student profiles are below. If you would like to see the full list of students coming to New Zealand or would like further information please contact us.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Drawing, painting and cycling

Claire is a girl from the USA who enjoys doing activities in the visual arts like drawing and painting. She spends time at tennis camp with her friends as well as likes hiking and going cycling. She likes to go running to relax.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Climbing, track & field and music

Fumitaka is a boy from Japan who has lived in different countries growing up so really wants to now go and live overseas on his own. His main sports are climbing and track & field and he also likes photography and music.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Singing, yoga and volleyball

Klaudija is a girl from Latvia who is an energetic and positive person. She goes to singing lessons as singing is something she wants to pursue in life. She also does yoga, volleyball, watching tv and any water sports.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Go to the gym with his friends and field hockey

Mateo is a boy from Argentina who loves to play field hockey and has played for 2 years. He also likes to go to the gym with his friends. He likes to have dinner with his family, spend time and talk about their day.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Volleyball, watching movies and science

Natan is a boy from Brazil who loves Biology, Chemistry and Physics and wants to study science at University. On weekends, he plays volleyball with his friends as well as go for a meal together or watch movies.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Fishing, climbing and mountain bike riding

Sota is a boy from Japan who likes to spend his free time swimming, fishing, climbing and most of all mountain bike riding which he wants to do in NZ. His Mum describes him as big-hearted, creative and sometimes shy at first.